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We Need Your Help

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Donate to 603 Witness

We have a small state.

Per capita, we are dead last in church attendance in the US.

We have few people to financially support a turn around in our state.

Our fight against Satan has been long and hard and many are weary.

Here's how we will use your financial donations:

1) Infrastructure to integrate evangelism into the community:

Government, Social Media, Streets & Marketplaces, Boards of Directors of Non-Profits, Public Events, Emergency Phone Bank & Workplaces

2) We will immediately put funds to use in direct evangelism in two venues:

Streets and Marketplaces venue needs money to purchase tracks and Bibles, and Social Media venue needs funds to place ads to bring in the hurting and the lost to a digital evangelist and phone evangelist.

3) We will start to migrate a highly successful social media platform that we have been using in Asia. We need a manager to oversee that migration, build it up in NH and implement. This could be a volunteer, but it's a long term full time responsibility. 

Here's how we will use your volunteerism:

1) We need an administrative type person to donate 20 hours per week.

2) We need a person who is familiar with Wix to help with this website, maybe 2 hours per week.

3) We need a social media person, maybe 5 hours per week.

3) We need prayer chains activated to focus on our state. It's pretty lonely at the bottom. Just knowing you are with us will bring us to tears. Seriously.

Praise Jesus!
Let the Holy Spirit Snow Fall in NH

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